Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser **NO RESERVE!!**BANK REPOSSESSION**

Every week throughout this year we have had No Reserve Green Light Cars Selling to the High Bidder No Matter How low Our Customers Bid!  it is truly an amazing expereince for our customers.  Not to long ago a Great Saab 9-5 Sold for $700 and No one could believe it!  But Yes Folks, it really can happen and here is another examle of what we are talking about.

Look at this Amazing Deal!  A 2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser April 24th No Reserve Special!

**NO RESERVE!!**BANK REPOSSESSION** Incredible as it may seem, this 2008 4 cylinder automatic Limited Edition Street Cruiser Series PT Cruiser is a rare find that can be yours if you're the high NO RESERVE bidder!! Yes, we ARE crazy. We also really enjoy givning our customers the opportunity to make an out of this world score! The metallic burnt sienna red body is in impressively good condition (I repeat, this really is NO RESERVE!) The solid/patterned taupe cloth interior is comfy and in good shape but will require a cleaning to look its best. The sunroof gives you the stars by night and the rays by day and tinted windows offer privacy as well as enhancing the sharp looks of this Ltd.PT Cruiser. The backseat conveniently folds forward when you need extra cargo space and it rolls with good tires on alloy wheels with sparkly chrome rims. It looks great, it's an economical gas saver and it's NO RESERVE!! Get it while you can!! All Cars Are Green Light with Motor & Transmission in Good Working Order.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Whats Does Green Light Mean?

Many people often don't give much thought to what the Auction Lighting System means.  It's common for us just to assume

1.  Green = Perfect No issues
2.  Yellow = Issues
3.  Red = Bad Car

The reality is we are wrong in our assumptions and more often then not many Auctions throughout the industry have different interpretations to the what each light indicates.

At our Auction Red Light Means "AS IS".  We do not have many Red light cars.  This is do to the fact that these cars do generally need a new motor or transmission.  However, many of these cars are donated charity cars and MAY possible be fine.  It's a sad reality that when cars are donated it could be do to the fact that a person just wants to junk the car and it is not good or even sadder if a family member has passed away and the family does not want to deal with the hardship of selling a car for many reasons.  So they donate it.  The good part is the money you pay for the car goes to a charity on the families behalf and you get a super bargin,  The most important thing on a Red Light Cars is to test drive these cars before you buy them and don't be surprised if you do need to do a a motor replacement.  If you think It's not going to heppen to me think twice with Red Light Cars.  That is why they are red light.  If you are a Mechanic then you are allset.

Yellow Light Cars people assume have caution issues.  This can be true and false.  For example, at our Auction we turn on a Yellow Light if the car is a 5 Speed.  The car in reality is a Green Light, but Yellow Light is an annoucment that refers to the fact it is a 5 speed manual shift.  So there is nothing cautionary about the car, but a Yellow light is on for people to know it's not a automatic.  Yellow Light could also be on if it has issues as well.  For example,  a Yellow light can indicate TMU which is known as True milage unknown which means the mileage on the car does not match up with the title the Auction recieved from the owner.  So always listen to what the Auctioneer is saying and be smart because Yellow Light can mean something good or something not so good.

Finally Green Light.  This might be the most interesting interpretation we have incountered.  Green Light Simply Means the Motor or Transmission will not fail to work at our Auction.  In other words it won't need to be compltey replaced.  That's it; sounds simple right?  But many people assume Green Light Means many other things that are not true.  That the cars are perfect and need no work what so ever.  Other people think the car needs a little light work like a light bulb or a new tire, but does not need practically antyhing.  And of course there are others that assume the car is gauaranteed to pass inspection.  These could not be further from reality.  The reality is that when you buy a Green Light Car yet a running car that needs $300- $1000 worth of work on average.

At just about any Auction you have a period of time, usually 1 hour to report a motor or transmission failure and all other compontents of the car are your responsibility.  Luckily our Auction lets you test drive the cars before the Auction and give you 2 days after the Auction to report a motor or transmission failure.  It's an Indutry First.

Auctions are not for everyone, but the people that understand, plan and do there homework always come out on top and save thousands of dollars. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

2007 Maserati Quattroporte

2007 Maserati Quattroporte For Auction April 10th!
This magnificent automatic V8 4.2 Maserati Quattroporte blew me away without even trying, and yes, it probably has the same effect on every vehicle it passes. To say it's beyond impressive is not an exagerration and the SUPER LOW 36,178 miles, new brakes and rotors make it even more desirable! The ultra metallic hematite grey body is in superb condition, (you can bet this swanky sedan doesn't need a bright flashy color to get noticed). The black leather interior is sumptuously soft, seductively inviting and luxurious, with heated seats to embrace you with warmth when it's cold and damp. The mahogany wood tone steering wheel, shifter, console and accents accentuate the exotic aura of this exclusive import. The sunroof gives you the sun by day and the stars by night and navigation gets you where you want to go. Good tires on alloy wheels with fancy rims roll this fantasy fulfiller Maserati home after you make the winning bid. Ciao bella!! All Cars Are Green Light with Motor & Transmission in Good Working Order.

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