Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Interstate Auto Auction Review

Tom T on Google has posted a review. We want our customers to know that we question if this is an actual customer or a competitor. We cannot find any Tom or person with the last name T who has purchased any of the cars listed in this review below. We also could not find any customer who has purchased any combination of these cars as well which questions the validity of this review. Sadly competitors out their will go to any length to try and make a business look bad. It is appearant to us that not only is this review not from a real customer, but also does not make any sense in the fact that if this were a customer and every experience was so bad why would they come back 3 times. They also never called or emailed us about any of these situations which is strange as a person would normally let us know when this happend one time let alone 3. It just does not add up. Their are almost 150 reviews from all different customers and we are honored that our customers value what we are doing enough to tell us what they think about the Auction and staff. Tom stating that it is our staff of 12 doing this is both false and insulting. We work very hard to have a customer place a review. We also sell cars in the state of NH and it is a fact that any Auction in a AS IS state like NH that sells cars at Auction has cars that "AS IS" meaning not inspected yet and until they are inspected would the be deemed safe. So every car that is sold at the Auction is labeled by the State of NH and our Auction as a unsafe car until it is inspected. This does not mean cars are unsafe, but rather that they need to be inspected. We do not sell salvaged cars as well which is something many auctions will sell. If you check out the BBB as Tom T states and previous competitors have pointed out in reviews dating back years ago you will also find this review is false again. We have an A+ with the BBB. So we are not sure what that is about as well. We want to post this on our Blog so that our customer know that if they have any issues please give us a call and let us work with you. We like any upstanding company want to work with our customers and would like the oppertunity to help. We have offered this to whoever Tom T is via google reviews mail and no one has responded making it all the more questionable. When a real customer has an issue they are happy to hear we will help, they don't ignor the oppertunity to talk. All Tom T needs to do is call us 603-893-7777 or email us at and we would be happy to listen. Tom T review I have purchased three vehicles from Interstate Auto Auction. The first was a pick-up truck sold green light. After 5 weeks, the motor blew up on the highway. The second was a Jeep Grand Cherokee. It was also sold as a green light. This Jeep required over $2000 in work before I could register it. It was a lemon and I took a hit when I sold it. The third vehicle was a Chevrolet Trailblazer. It was also sold green light. I attempted to register it in New Hampshire to get temporary plates. The DMV told me they won't issue temporary plates for any cars sold at this auction because they sell unsafe vehicles. I had to rent a trailer to get it home. Once I got it home, it needed an oil pump. I called and was told to bring it back so they could check it out. I live in another state so I just decided to have the oil pump changed. Two months later, the transmission blew. All three vehicles were not garbage although they were all sold green light. Don't walk away from this action...RUN!!! Check out the BBB before you buy. I wish I had done that. Also, the majority of the good to excellent reviews have been placed by the employees.

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